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PSV, solid hardware and price while the battery life a issue a true gamebreaker will be game prices. With ios and android gaming its clear that 40 USD for a standard PSV game cant cut it, and with Digital Distribution avaiable they need to use it and offer a much better price range as experiences on the mobile fonts rise and rise in quality but still have such a low price.

And with the sucess of XBLA and PSN i believe that PSV can really capatise of those type of games and really be that now the middle tier game delievery device. So using some of the games being promoted, Uncharted is a the game that will demand the highest of prices, and that price should be no more than 25 USD, maybe 30 USD. This price can be the price for DD and retail demanding a 40 dollar price tag, but a clear 10 to 15 dollar reduction for that game is a must. Saying that not all games should have that as its asking price, uncharted , resistance, killzone sure they are the high quality titles but what about games like hot shot golf? Well this is where sony need to really push, and that is have prices ranging form 99 cents to 25 dollars with publishers able to choose what they fill fit for there title, with hot shots maybe going for the 5 dollar mark. Another thing that sony should do is to gather the best that ios and android have to offer like the fruit ninja, flight control, angry birds and allow them to sell them on the platform at not 5 dollars or 10 dollars but at there 99-3 dollar price range. 

But 99 cents should be the lowest, no sony should support the freemium model, and the free to play ad supported model as well. SONY really need to push the whole spectum and offer games at the same ranges as ios but then offer better more richer experiences at the next prices up. Screwing up the prices for software and demanding too high will cripple the platform and result in some less sales. A real steam style experience will also do wonders for the platform, with daily sales, weekend sales and big sales that are seen on steam will encourage more people to use the service opening them up to buy more software. 

So what should the pricing be for software? what are you willing to pay? will high prices discourage you from buying the device. 

Of Course That's Just My Opinion, I Could Be Wrong