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IGN and many like it have spoken

IGN :'D, check out MGS4 beating Crysis Warhead in graphic awards

Damn bro! Considering Crysis Warhead being on the PC and without DX 11 -> is far better than Crysis 2..

Ign confirms and so did 30 other sites if my memory serves me right!

My sig does not lie

do you realize only one quote from your sig claims crysis 2 is graphics kings.

and do you realize both Digital Foundry and lens of truth proved killzone  look better.

didnt we already go over this 6 month ago when you found out crysis 2 is SD, screen tear, framerate drop nightmare

IGN and many like it were talking about looks not performance

yeah, i dont really want to get into this so i will be done after this post.

but ign isnt credible at all when it comes to analizing graphics. for example the said Mass effect 2 on ps3 was superior graphically to the xbox version.

also Crysis isnt even 720p. and screen tearing and performance has a ton to do with graphics. Battlefield 3 could probably be 1080p if it wanted to but, very other frame would be torn and it would be runing at 10 fps, with the stupidest AI ever