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IGN and many like it were talking about looks not performance

This debate is getting rather redundant and pedantic now. Simple: both Digital Foundry & LoT said Killzone 3 not only performed better than Crysis 2, it looks better than any other console game on the market. It didn't get much more to the point than that, especially from Digital Foundry (who I trust more than any review site).

Far as I'm concerned, with Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, & RAGE not out yet, these debates should hold off until they are released and properly/professionally analyzed. You guys are just going to keep going in needless circles until then anyway.

IGN and many other like it say different and there is nothing you or anyone else can do about

I'm just replying because I find this particular part of the human behaviour quite amusing. I've just got one question to ask you, here goes: 

If all those sites you've got posted on your Sig retract their statements whenever a future game is released that surpasses Crysis 2 in those terms and no longer you have those phrases to fall back to, how will you continue to defend your stance? I'm very curious about it, because it is bound to happen, as no game will ever hold those titles for any long period of time (as it's normal, every new year new games are released that are technically better or more refined than their predecessors).

OT - Good footage, but frankly I didn't see anything that wowed me. The lighting effects are good, but nothing we haven't seen before and that Mass Effect 2 or the original Crysis haven't done better.

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