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kowenicki said:
Reasonable said:
Not personally, but I would be surprised. While a few sites might mark it down for originality or lack of evolution I expect many sites, with today's review/scoring approach, to give it 9 out of 10 or perfect scores.

thats out of touch... the current trend is moving lower.

A little, but I still get the impression that solid gold franchises still get solid scores.  So far I've seen a lot of perfect scores for Gears 3 for example.  It might well deserve them, can't say yet, but while I'm happy to see more mid level titles get reviewed more sensibly I think a lot of core franchises still see sites afraid to be too harsh (or to obviously go the other way).

Anyway, I would be very surprised to see Gears 3 below 90% because everything I've seen suggests its as solid and polished as the previous two with just the right balance of more of the same with enough new tweaks.

Try to be reasonable... its easier than you think...