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For @atma998 again .

You just made assuptions based in nothing...

Week 10: 1,575,500 (GT5) > 1,531,116 (GT4)
Week 15: 1,661,128 (GT5) > 1,588,242 (GT4)

I can made another Weeks comparison but I just not have time to check my old comments with numbers.

And remeber... GT5 is not ajusted after the December 30th because PD not updated their site yet.

The next number I have for GT4 in VGC is...

Week 56: 1,897,195 (GT4) (after the first holidays)

GT5 is at Week 41 and sold 1,795,343... 90k in 15 weeks? In the holidays period? Face it... GT5 just sold better than GT4 in Americas