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Ok, taking this thread at face value, I shall present some evidence for the big bang theory and evolution.

Each material, when burned for fuel, emits light in particular narrow wavelength bands. These are called spectra, and using the imaginatively named spectrascope, scientists can determine the contents of far away stars. However, they noticed something interesting - the spectra of stars had been shifted away from the blue/ultraviolet side of the spectrum and towards the red/infared. This is referred to as the Dopler shift and it shows that these stars are moving away from us at great speeds. The universe is expanding, and due to newton's laws, we know that things only accelerate if acted on by a force. There was some force of incredible magnitude that hurled all the matter and energy in the universe away from its starting point.
Additionally, with a sufficiently powerful telescope, we can see that space is not infact completely empty. It emits very small amounts of radiation in microwave frequencies (ie different frequencies to what stars emit) this was predicted by the big bang theory long before it was observed, and is believed to be a relic of the early stages of the universe.

None of the 'proves' the big bang theory, but hey, Newton's theory of gravitation hasn't been proved either. What the scientific community tries to do, instead of proving things, is to provide a satisfactory amount of evidence, which they feel they have for the big bang theory.

Nor does this disprove the idea of God, or Gods. God could have set the Big Bang in motion in such a way that it would lead to the universe as we know, or he could have created the universe as it is, and set the stars moving away from each other and created the cosmological background radiation.

Onto abiogenesis - it has been done in a lab. Non living matter was turned into living matter. http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2009/05/ribonucleotides/. We obviously cannot show that it DID happen, but we have shown that the conditions were present that can lead to it happening. Again, this could all have been set into motion by God.

On to evolution
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_human_evolution - shows a series of animals that form a timeline of evolution of humans
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antibiotic_resistance - evolution is happening, and in lifeforms with short lifespans, it is observable in a human lifetime.
Also consider those with immunity to the black plague. The fittest did a little surving and now the majority of Europeans have evolved from their offspring.
Additionally, if you accept that naturally attractive parents are likely to give birth to attractive children, and if you accept that attractive people/animals are more likely to reproduce, then that is evolution.