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Jay520 said:
There is no proof. Just scientific theories with accompanied by data that helps support those theories. You could read up on that data and decide for yourself if you trust it or not.

Just to expand on this, science isn't about proof. "Proof" really only exists in mathematics (and even there, you have to be prepared to make a lot of assumptions before you go around proving things) and a little philosophy.

Science is about the weight of evidence. And there is an enormous weight of evidence behind evolution. It explains why we find fossils from different geological strata have distinctly different life forms. It explains how a bacterium can mutate into an antibiotic resistant superbug. We've been gathering evidence for over a century now, and the theory still holds up pretty well, though of course it's been fleshed out a lot since it was first proposed.

Honestly, we've been using our own "applied evolution" to breed animals and plants for millenia now. Why is it so hard to understand that nature runs its own breeding program?

It's really not that hard to reconcile faith and science. You just have to imagine that all of the natural laws that science uncovers were written by God. Whatever God is, it's the author of the cosmic rule book. Evolution is one of God's tools, along with gravitation, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, etc.

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