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I swear, yall are so ignorant (by that I don't mean just religious people). There is an infinite amount of possibilities that could happen. Specific religions have a very well defined notion of what happened so their chances are basically one out of infinite possibilities. People who say there is no god are the same way, they are still choosing a subset of an infinite set. Believing in anything without any further evidence is just down right naive.

On the plus side, the different sides provide basically endless entertainment, and make the world go round.

I agree with this comepletely. Minus the entertainment part maybe. 

You mean you aren't entertained by little children bickering and arguing by saying "yeah... well, I heard so and so?"

*Chiming in*


I'm not. I'm just as irritated by blind believers as I am by the ones who kick and scream about there being no possibility of a god (or gods) existing.

Just because some very specific form of a supernatural being likely doesn't exist, doesn't mean there aren't still an infinite amount of other possible answers out there.

It's true. There's nothing out there to show we weren't shit out of something's ass after a night of tequila and its equivalent of Taco Bell. Hell, maybe it was shitting for 6 days straight?

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