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Signalstar said:

Gladiator: Part of me is bitter that it beat Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon for Best Picture and another part of me thinks it is a very overrated film. The art direction is plain bad and the plot is ridiculous. Some of the fight scenes were good and Russel Crowe did a good job (though I wouldn't say Best Actor) but overall the movie just doesn't do it for me.

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Unfortunately I watched this immediately after reading the book which I thought was amazing so everything was fresh in my mind and I was in nitpick mode when I watched it. I just feel the film gets most of the relationship between the characters wrong and too many plot points were glossed over. I too am looking forward to David Fincher's version which will hopefully be much better. He is one of my favorite directors as well.

Oh and by the way Fincher's version will not be considered a remake, it is a new adaption of the book not based on the Swedish version at all.

I totally agree with your descriptions, especially the one referring to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. You've pretty much presented everything I disliked about that movie. Hope Fincer's version is better. And boy, do you sure watch a lot of movies!

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