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I stopped at Ghostbusters 2, but then I kept going and shot myself in the face at Caddyshack.  And for some reason I still kept going and I missed my face on the next shot and hit the ceiling when I saw Blazing Saddles.

Ghostbusters is one of my top ten favorite films but the sequel, in my opinion (of course) has no room anywhere within my top 500, great actors aside, and the funny toaster pop scene, it didn't do what it should have done. 



Only my opinion I might add, and 100+ movies is amazing for that period of time.  I may have watched the same, but probably not.  I had the fun chance to spend six years during high school and college at a movie/music store so I own and have seen way too may films.  I own way too many and I own way too many that my girlfriend wants to keep that I can't stand, sigh.

Almost forgot to mention, overall I think you have a good taste in movies.  Only a few I did not agree on.