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The campaign was going really well until it ended, I checked my time and I beat it in pretty much less than 5 hours. There weren't any epic boss fights like the Leviathan in R2 and it was way too easy. I thought that not having regenerating health would make the game a tad more difficult than usual shooters but enemies drop health packs every few seconds so you're never really in danger. As for the ending itself, it felt like such a cop out, it didn't even feel like  a proper closing to the story, it just ends and thats it trilogy over, no sign of a sequel coming either which I guess is a good thing.

After playing the beta throughout all of august and finally finishing the game in pretty much one day I don't think R3 is really that good. I've only seen two maps and two modes and a few weapons in the beta, but it wasn't any good. I know they're going to be more modes and more maps to explore so maybe it'll be a better experience when the servers open up and the full online is available to play. I'm not going to hold my breath though, I'll just go get Dead Island and hopefully enjoy that instead. 

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