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brendude13 said:
Antabus said:
brendude13 said:

Nope, it's just the normal version o.0

And you are right, they ARE a pain in the ass, Valefor was very powerful, I'll just have to avoid them.

Antabus said:
Go hunt for dark matters, get the limit break. :P 

What are dark matters? What limit break exactly?

They are something that you can customize your weapon with. 60 of them removes that pesky 9999 damage limit.

Tidus is only hitting about 500 at the moment! xD

I think I won't need that for a while yet.

  ... How can you be so far through the game and have Tidus only hitting 500? I was hitting over 500's by the time I was at the Mi'ihen Highroad o.O Haven't you been levelling him up?