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kowenicki said:
theprof00 said:
kowenicki said:
I dont see how these ads are supposed to work tbh...

I am surprised they went back to it. I suppose it is fun and all, especially if you are a Sony "fan", male and a teenager. But I dont see it getting new customers in. Infact, it clearly doesnt. The last campaign may have got internet gamers talking and giggling a bit, but it clearly didnt improve sales.

But carry on..... doesnt offend me in any way and why should I care how sony want to spend their advertising dollars.

"Why should I care enough to tell you that it's bad advertising."

LOL YOU CARE SO F*CKING HARD. That is why you are so dislikable. Because unlike others.... unlike those others who overtly praise a system, and are called fanboys, you are a sneak who hides behind petty, non-aggressive words.

and I'm not even mad lol

is this were I show a picture of a handbag...

are you saying you think this is good and effective advertising?


I'm not debating the "ad". I'm saying you're a sneak. You subtly call others "fan[boys]" (we all saw what you meant), and I think others should know that your image of "expert" should be taken with a truckload of salt. Everytime I read something sneaky like this from you it really makes me wonder just how invested you are in this "war". (my point is not about your "fans" comment, but about the derisiveness of the entire post, peppered with backhanded compliments, combined with saying that you don't really care. I think you're trying to come off as informed and knowledgeable, casual and non-invested, where meanwhile I wouldn't describe you as such. Well, I do think you're informed and knowledgeable, but definitely not when it comes to bashing ps3 and it's fanbase)


and to answer your question, I don't think this is an ad for the public. I think it is meant to be a fun for the fans, and I don't see what being a male teenager has to do with the clip's likability.