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Jay520 said:
kowenicki said:
I dont see how these ads are supposed to work tbh...

I am surprised they went back to it. I suppose it is fun and all, especially if you are a Sony "fan", male and a teenager. But I dont see it getting new customers in. Infact, it clearly doesnt. The last campaign may have got internet gamers talking and giggling a bit, but it clearly didnt improve sales.

But carry on..... doesnt offend me in any way and why should I care how sony want to spend their advertising dollars.

This isn't meant to attact any new gamers in the slightst. It's purpose is to inform the core gamers of KB's return to to 'VP of everything', while also introducing Sony's new motto. All that coupled with the fact that the length of the video exceeds 2 minutes, one can easily see that this isn't intended for casuals or any potential consumers. Anyone who thinks video was created with the purpose of increasing sales is simply wrong.

Just a video for entertainment. Nothing more.

thanks at least you answered without just crying about my post.

I guess you confirmed what i said...  very altruistic, but an odd direction to take for a buisness thats losing money and market share in the region these videos are aimed at.

I'm not really here!

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