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The very fact that you can't prove or disprove god's existence proves he is not real. Religion has never predicted anything or has it said things wich were later found to be true but it has said multiple things wich later were proven untrue.

Religion is a scam and it's not easy to figure out.

Your father ends up in hospital with lung cancer.

you pray to god to help him

father get's cured - MIRACLE!
father dies - God's will.

Why pray in the first place?

Religion is there to control people and make them fear their actions, religious people are apparently so afraid of dying they NEED to believe there is something after life.

Religion is bullshit, it's a faerie tale.. I am so glad we found out about this in Western Europe so we could get on to real issues such as gun control, health care and education.

Your first contribution indicates your incredible lack of logic and understanding of scientific method.

The rest is a hateful gust of trolling meant to derail this thread.

Please explain to me what the use of prayer is? or any kind of contact to god...


The church sold spots for heaven to murderers and torturers for money, they let you confess your sins and if you make a nice deposit your sins are forgiven, priests are molesting little boys all over the world.


Religion is nothing... not even your high priests believe in god because surely that would stop them from molesting children.


Yes i know it's a sensitive issue.. but religion needs to die off as quickly as possible... Embrace logic instead of gibberish.


while i was watching my mom die of cancer, i observed her pray alot and put alot of faith in God. you and me dont beleive in such things, but it help her deal with her illness and avoid crushing depression.....so yeah religion is totally useless.

i dont belive in god, but i dont spend my time trying to convince others that the concept is stupid and needs to die off. quit it with the baseless hatred. your are otherwise no better than those religious people who hate on those who arent.

I am sorry for your mother but how would this change anything.


if my mother was dying I would help her get as comfortable as possible too, I would even pray with her.. but just because that makes her feel better doesn't make me believe in god... It's irrelevant on the whole debate.

you say that that religion doesnt do anything. that praying doesnt do anything. even if it doesnt in a sense of having such things granted, that doesnt make it useless, one of the points you seem to be trying to make. i wasnt trying to make you belive in god, i dont believe my self, i was trying to make you think beyond hating religion so much and wonder about possible benefits in faith. religion, prayer, and faith are not useless as you seem to believe. i know this first hand. you dont see it as relevant, but i think it is. oh well i guess. just more hate for the fire....