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While we're at it, can some prove if Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy exist?

Oh wait, they're constructs of human imagination. Much like the G man.

Now, if you could just tell me how the human imagination/consciousness exists?

A big invisible man in the sky is a proper answer to you?


just because you can't explain something doesn't mean the least likely thing is responsible for it... you are obviously scared of what you don't know... I have never seen a clearer case..

how exactly do you know that god would be a "man"?

and how would you know that god is "invisible"?

and how would you know that god live's in the "sky"?

just curious..

Because i've never seen anything depict him as a gerbil with a female voice living inside a mountain?

so in other words you "dont" know?

I believe I made myself clear...


well if you dont "believe" "he" exist's then why would you imply that "he" would live in the "sky" and is "invisible" then?

that is what im asking you..

Well obviously I said sky because heaven is often depicted as clouds and I said he was invisible because he said you can not make sculptures of him as he will have no face in some of his commandments.

I really hope you understood that by me saying 'an invisible man in the sky' I just ment god in general.. not exactly that picture...

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