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Dr.Grass said:
gamelover2000 said:

May I ask what religion you practice?

If you practice Christianity I find it highly stupifying you count meditation as a religious practice because it's never mentioned in the bible... It's a practice to find inner peace trough silence and relaxation.. there is nothing religious about meditation... even if it is used in religions.

and incase you did not notice, thi si snot a religion vs atheism debate..

this is an islam vs christianity vs jewism vs atheism vs buddhism vs etc.

All religions say they are the only right religion... sounds like russian roulette VS sanity to me.

''All religions say they are the only right religion.''

That's not true at all. That is not applicable to any of the traditions of India. Different practices have different results.

I am not practicing at the moment, but I stayed in a Vaisnava monastary for 3 years (half of that time in India).

It's possible I am wrong about that but they imply it to say the least... how could they say: it's like this but the other beliefs are right too!, that makes no sense...

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