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Seece said:
CGI-Quality said:
Seece said:
Machina said:

Well if that's all they've got to fall back  on ("hey, there's a PlayStation logo on the screen, who cares if we talk about carpets, in-jokes and Jack Tretton being a boss for 60 seconds!") then I think it's just proving my point that it's really not a good advertisement for anyone but avid gamers like ourselves at all.

I wouldn't bother, CGI would never agree wit you Sony havn't done something spectacularly good

Your insults never change Seece, you need some new material.

It's interesting too, I agreed with his sentiments, so you're either a selective reader or have a hard time reading. Take your pick.

Well, you never change, so if it aint broke don't fix it would love you to prove me wrong one day.

You're both as supremely fucking irritating as each other - so stop ruining this thread with your boring bitching lest I reach for my flaming crossbow and try my luck...