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M.U.G.E.N said:
well it's summer, it was on psn from day 1 unlike the first..I think given the fact that the game is just brilliant, it will reach or surpass infamous 1 sales LT without a problem

wait did you buy it? 0_o if not wtf! GO AND BUY IT! lol it's such a fun game..finished good and evil back to back and enjoyed the hell out of it..and at the very end you can use BOTH ice and fire powers together :D badass

thats bad ass specialy for online play.

OT: i don't remeber making any such pact. i'm a greatest hits person.

ICO Shadow of Colossus collection will be my $60 purchase this yr. yep the rules have changed again. instead of 1 $60 game a gen, i'll be getting 1 to 2 a yr starting 2012 when i reserve and buy RAGE and the last Guardian.