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maximus22 said:
Wow I always thought Canadians were less misinformed and ignorant of American issues than the rest of the world. This is one of the saddest rants I've ever seen.

Nah we Canadians know about the whole world. While from what I've seen American's think U.S.A = World or the only existing country in this planet

That's a bold claim to make when you seem to know pathetically little about the one country that neighbors yours.

I know pathetically little? The issues I addressed are usually foreseen by American's for the good. But those are the three goddamn things that are a big reason for America's state right now. 

Well, the real shame isn't that you know don't know anything, it is that you don't know anything and think you do. "America's going down the tubes because Republicans hatez teh poor pplz!" Seriously? Come the fuck on. That line of argument isn't even worthy of a YouTube comment.