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Kantor said:
Viper1 said:

agreed. i may like Ron but that doesn't mean he's the guy that can get the job done. we will see as the debate goes on into the election.

You got anybody else in mind that has the integrity and voting record to back up what he says?  

After Paul, I see a bunch of neo-cons and bandwagon riders. 

Gary Johnson is a less crazy (but unfortunately less popular) version of Ron Paul. My personal favourite is Rudy Giuliani, but he hasn't announced that he will run, and it's not even being widely speculated. The nomination will go to either Romney (whom I still like MUCH more than most of the Republican field) or those nutcases Cain, Palin and Bachmann.

Ron Paul is an extremist. He has the right idea, but he takes it so far as to make it ludicrous. He opposed raising the debt ceiling when there were two days left before the Treasury ran out of money (yes, the final deal was terrible, but only because all of the Democrats were screaming "Don't touch Medicare!" and the Republicans screamed back "No tax increases!).

This whole debt debacle cemented my belief that both parties are led by childish individuals who put their own bank accounts and positions of office above the interests of the American people.

That said, I will give the slight edge to the Democrats at the moment, only because Obama is very slightly better than Boehner and his lot (and because the Tea Party are the most dangerous force in the country).

Just curious what makes them so dangerous in your view?