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around a month to go before this title is released across ps3/360 and pc platforms and its currently over a year since that epic e3 trailer that stole the show and was more like a Movie trailer than a game one. And from the gameplay footage it appears that they are really staying true to that of the first deus Ex game, tho it is werid that the technology looks far superior to that of the orginal despite being a prequel but that only shows how far we have come in 11 years. Other than that it looks pretty soild and has been getting pretty rave reviews but will the consumer buy it and would the rest of the game as whole get the reviewers praise and live up to expectations?

Dues Ex Original is a fun game, yet to finish but i have already enjoyed everything so far, but it is a show of everything that is wrong with modern shooters today in were a 11 year old game has more advance gameplay than the latest high budget call of duty. Also dont understand why developers have mostly forgot about open ended missions and no linear ways of competing a objective using your current tools and perfered play style for a linear highly scripted shooter gallery that is so linear it beats of the point of not being on rails. 

So i really hope that this game turns out really good and it sells like iphones coated in cociane so developers adopt such play style and it becomes the norm for first person shooters because its much better than the current norm we have now which is a slightly more advanced from a 4 hour cutscene dotted with quick time events.  

Of Course That's Just My Opinion, I Could Be Wrong