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thismeintiel said:
Nintendogamer said:
thismeintiel said:
thismeintiel said:
I'll say:

PS3 - 1.9 mil
360 - 1.7 mil
Wii - 1.7 mil

Sweet!  Got it right.  Don't fail me now, Sony.  Though, I'm starting to doubt my Wii number, may be slightly lower.  But, we'll see soon enough.

How slighly lower? I reckon it will be way lower like 1.09M, I would say 1.4M but will stick to 1.09M to be safe.

Well, I doubt it would be as low as 1.09 mil.  I'm sure retailers ordered more because of the price cut and its initial boost.  So, 1.4-1.5 mil may be right.

I did think 1.5M would be more likely but after NPD showing wii was majorly over tracked I had second thoughts and lowered my prediction.

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