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Seece said:
ElGranCabeza said:

Everyone saying that's cruel and then going out and having a nice burger, a piece of bacon, or chicken fajita is a fucking hypocrite. Try to educate yourself on how "food" animals are raised and slaughtered in the western world.

It's regrettable the way some livestock are kept, this however (vid in OP) is unnesscery and cruel and something you are doing, not something out of your hands. As long as you make a concious effort to deter from buying abused livestock meat/ect like buying free range eggs, I think you have every right to condem these sickos.

And eating meat ect is an everyday act of life, this is just for pure enjoyment, that's the difference between this.

Well to them it's an act of everyday life, who are we to judge? Do you eat lobster? Do you know how those are cooked?

And some livestock my ass, unless you're buying from a mom and pop store, the eggs and meat you buy from walmart or your local grocery store is from a major livestock farm where the animals suffer tremendously. I can research and post some videos on how those work if you guys want.

With that said, I'm not a vegetarian, but I'm seriously thinking of only buying animal products from mom and pop stores, even if it's significantly more expensive.