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Right now I'm sitting on about $400 in i'm split on 3 decisions to make;

#1: Buy a PS3, but will wait til Gamescom where Sony will most likely announce a $50-$100 price cut or even show off a new PS3 model. with the cash left over will buy a few games. I have a 60gb PS3 and I think time might be getting to it;(goin on 4 years) still plays quietly but better safe than sorry.

#2 use it for all the games I want(well can get) I already have UC3: CE, R3, and Persona 2 pre-ordered. but still need to pre-order or finish pre-ordering AC: revelations, Dark Souls, WKC II, Bleach: Soul Ressurection, Gears 3, MW3, BF3, Mario Kart 3DS, and Super mario 3DS

#3 pre-order the PS Vita along with some PSV games.

this is most likely the money I will have for the rest of the year for the use for gaming as I will be planning for next year and other expenses.