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Rockstar Games has unofficially confirmed that they have pretty much cheated every gamer that ever purchased a copy of their latest hit game, L.A. Noire. A Rockstar spokesperson announced that “[L.A. Noire] isn’t complete yet.” Reports have indicated that parts of L.A. Noire were cut out of the game in order to reduce the disk size and force a quicker game release. But the fact that Rockstar Games shipped an incomplete game isn’t even the worst part.

It looks like Rockstar Games plans to re-introduce the cut-out game play through future DLC (Downloadable Content), which basically means gamers will have the opportunity to spend even more money just to get a completed L.A. Noire game.

So gamers, do what you must, buy the DLC when it becomes available. But just remember, DLC is simply another way for companies like Rockstar Games to milk games even more than they are worth. If this DLC trend continues at the rate it’s growing, gamers may find themselves paying double the price of games just to get a completed storyline. Hopefully the gaming industry can re-focus their attention on the content and fans rather then the money. (Article Picture in link)