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sales2099 said:

Huh.....a PS3 guy playing the sales card. Its truly rare to see after PS3 being 3rd place and sales of Halo and Gears of War titles making the sales of any major ps3 exclusive embarrassing by comparison. You sir, are a dying remnant of the ps2 era where it was common for sony fans to play the sales card :)

Its not about real world consumer opinion where Forza dethroned GT......its the on-paper objective quality aspect. Again....better driving sim....yet an inferior overall package. Thats my point: Forza is known at least to gamers that play both franchises as a better overall package. Forza dethroned GT.

Im also surprised you seem content with the embarrassing ratio of Forza releases to GT release time frames. Add to that Forza games just simply have more premium cars, online modes, tracks, customization options, etc. 

I really dont get GT fans. The franchise factually now releases 1 game for every 2 Forzas (3 Forzas come this october!). The game is now a AA franchise for clearly neglecting the VIDEO GAME aspect of the driving simulator.....because no matter how you slice it these are video games. 

And the only defence you can really say is that its a better sim (yet completely ignoring the entire package) the real world still buys GT more. Sales. From a sony fan. In this gen. Now ive seen everything :)

Your fist paragraph is usually the first sign of an argument that is weak.

Paragraph 2: For every gamer/person that you can find that says one is better, I can find just as many that say the opposite. Ergo, that means nothing.

Paragraph 3: I don't see what's so embarrassing about Forza having more current gen releases than GT. Gran Turismo 5 has a good deal of content, so it shouldn't require a sequel so soon. It's also the first in the series to take 5 years to develop.

Paragraph 4: Again, this is the first generation where GT has only seen one (full) release versus almost 3 now for Forza. But I'm curious, why does that matter? The PS1 & PS2 eras saw just 2 GT releases each.

Also, you ignored where I agreed that Forza 3 is the better choice for the modern racing fan (which hits at both your first and last paragraphs). I've only argued that many of the people you say have said that GT is "dethroned" (which I've yet to hear/see anyone say that outside of VG Chartz), still call it the best driving sim your money can buy on home consoles. For a lot of people, that's all that needs to be said, with the extra tidbits meaning very little.

Last paragraph: Just as irrelevant as the first paragraph (although this one truly exposes the weakness of your argument). I guess in the end, you really don't have anything outside of assumptions and theories (and now coded insults). Ironically, since you "just joined the site" and seem to think you know so much about me, I'm inclined to believe you aren't what you appear to be.

All you seem to have gotten out of this debate is talks of sales. There's no need to debate further with you.