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The AAA vs AA status hasnt done much to penetrate the brand name, but is a element for debate amongst gamers on say...a internet forum. Whats better vs what the market thinks is better is two seperate things. On paper, Forza is now the better overall package. In practise, the real world still has GT in their minds due to the series when it was at its peak in the ps1/ps2 days. 

But again, even the most die hard GT fans will begin to be pissed off at namely the release time frames. 

2 years per AAA Forza vs 5 years for AA Gt game. 

At some point the fans are going to say enough is enough. GT is a great game but at what cost. We dont live forever. 5 years is a long time between releases. At least Turn 10 recognizes the limited life span of human beings :P ........and makes a overall better package at the same time. 

Forza 3 allready dethroned GT5.........Forza 4 should cement that theory even further....cause once again, Polphany Digital takes their sweet time. Too sweet. 

Forza 3 hasn't dethroned anything. Those scores haven't changed anything, as GT fans still picked up the game and Forza 3 didn't gain any significant fanbase over it's 92 Meta score vs GT5's 84. Couple that with the fact that most reviews still say GT5 is better at driving simulation than Forza and your words are even more out of tune. Both are after sim fans and many more people continue to stick with GT.

Lastly, saying "at some point" is, again, an assumption (what if). Debating on that is pointless. Whether or not GT fans get tired of waiting (even though GT5 is the first in the series to take 5 years) remains to be seen. If GT5 is anything to go by, things don't seem to be changing in any big way (save for maybe Japan, where things seem to be changing for many franchises). If you've got something to the contrary outside of wild assumptions and theories, I'm all ears. Otherwise, you're seemingly arguing only on preference.

Okay so from now on Uncharted dethroned Halo. It doesn't have near as many online players or doesn't get as many sales but since it got a higher metascore than Halo Reach it offical dethroned it. Uncharted is now the better overall package because it got a 96 meta. That is preicley what you are trying to say. Despite getting a 92 meta Forza 3 got only a 175k in it's strongest region in a month. Whereas GT5 in the same region had earned 400k in a week. And 197k just in Canada! Despite GT5 having no launch hype it still sold 2 million something I doubt Halo or COD could do. And it still has amazing legs selling really well in the U.S. Just to let you know GT5 is overtracking GT4 by around a million and is predicted to sell over GT4. We still haven't got info from Polypony on how much it sold but we do know it sold a lot. Forza 3 got most of it's sales from bundles. If it really got sales we would see it on the preorder chart. And just by getting a higher metascore doesn't mean it's "dethroned". If Forza 3 were outselling GT5 it would "dethrone" it then. Or have a increasing fanbase which I do not see. GT5 is far more feutres than Forza 3 can even dream of so it doesn't matter if it takes 5 years or 2 years. It matters what the better game is. And it's going to take a long time for Forza to match up with GT. Possibly it just won't happen.

I think you meant to quote sales2099

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