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I'm just trying to point out your point is seems moot anyway.  Whether either of those series are on or above Halo's level is subjective to the gamer playing those games. 

I don't see how you can have "Meta score" and "most of the industry" in the sentence contradicting each other.  With the two this-gen Forza games receiving a 90, 92 average on metacritic and the none of the GT's released this gen getting above an 84 meta, you'll have to define what you mean by "GT's level".  With numbers like that, you'll really need to pull some quotes in order to prove most of the industry's stance on the recent releases in the GT series.  If anything, I see Dirt and Forza mentioned more, as of late.

Well, that last sentence is a little contradictory (hard to argue against anecdote when you present some yourself)

In the end, I just don't think these Meta scores are enough to guarantee a sure-fire shift in market position. Yes, Forza has scored higher than the most recent GT titles (and I can see why in many areas), but what difference has that made? Listening to actual driving/racing enthusiasts tells you where GT stands in the industry and it doesn't seem like Metacritic has impacted that stance in any substantial way.

So your saying Forza doesnt have the sales of the GT series yet. Granted but every Forza sells more then the last, bundles or not while GT5 seems to be on the decline more or less with the series track record. 

Its overall the poor time span in between releases thats hurting GT the most. 5 years per game while Turn 10 keeps cranking out new 90+ forzas every 2 years. Eventually the fans are gonna get tired of waiting when theres a perfectly overall better package on the 360 that doesnt keep their fans waiting for great sims with boring video game aspects. 

Again, that "AAA" status hasn't done much to penetrate the GT name, making that element of debate meaningless. To most who bought it, GT5's 84 Meta score (which isn't even a bad score, all things considered) made little to no difference because the GT brand is big enough that it would take more than a few points down on Metacritic to have any substantial impact (which is why my other Meta score references apply). We can talk about what may/could eventually happen all we like, but that's a "what if" scenario and doesn't say much right now.

Bottom line; GT is a stronger, bigger brand than Forza. 90s vs 80s ("AAA" vs "AA") isn't changing much of that and while we're on the subject of sales declines, GT5 is currently sitting higher than it's predecessor in the same time frame (only bringing the franchise to a notable decline in one region - which is being offset in another).

The AAA vs AA status hasnt done much to penetrate the brand name, but is a element for debate amongst gamers on say...a internet forum. Whats better vs what the market thinks is better is two seperate things. On paper, Forza is now the better overall package. In practise, the real world still has GT in their minds due to the series when it was at its peak in the ps1/ps2 days. 

But again, even the most die hard GT fans will begin to be pissed off at namely the release time frames. 

2 years per AAA Forza vs 5 years for AA Gt game. 

At some point the fans are going to say enough is enough. GT is a great game but at what cost. We dont live forever. 5 years is a long time between releases. At least Turn 10 recognizes the limited life span of human beings :P ........and makes a overall better package at the same time. 

Forza 3 allready dethroned GT5.........Forza 4 should cement that theory even further....cause once again, Polphany Digital takes their sweet time. Too sweet. 


Older and wiser. Still bias and proud though ;)