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One of the biggest flaws Kinect has is the unresponsiveness of the sensor when the product is used in a cramped space. If you are one of those people that don’t have the recommended 6 feet of open space in your gaming area, it may be your lucky day. Nyko has just revealed their latest product, the Nyko Zoom, which is a clip-on device that can be attached to Kinect in order to make Microsoft’s sensor capable of use in cramped environments.

Nyko Zoom will have the ability to cut Kinect’s space requirement by 40% which allows Kinect to function in only 3-4 feet, making Kinect perfect in even the most cramped apartment buildings or rooms. Nyko plans to release the Nyko Zoom on August 23rd for only $30.

If you have had issues with Kinect in the past regarding the space issue, Nyko Zoom may be what you need to solve all of your problems.

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