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LOL, why did you bring this thread back to life?

Because GT5's graphics blow Forza out of the water.

Graphics? thats about the ONLY thing GT5 excells over Forza. The gap is small actually, especially with forza 4.


but overall, if release frequency and scores are anything to go by.....GT has clearly been knocked out of being the best of what it does

Dissecting the actual words of reviewers, they don't seem to agree.

And despite it's 84 Meta score, most in the industry would tell you that Forza isn't on GT's level (the same way Resistance nor Killzone are on Halo's level).

Not exactly a fair comparison when only one game out of those two Sony series' mentioned have been on "Halo's level" (if talking main iterations of Halo) : Killzone 2 with a 91 meta.

Metascore doesn't really mean shit. 84 was moslty due to continues delay's.


experiance is all that matters. was it a good game, was it fun, was it worth the 59.99 pluse tax you paid for it?

Resistance in my opinion is better then Halo, but thats just prefrence. scores only mean how much more the person/people reveiwing the game enjoyed it. you chose your own experiances, and those experiances are opinions based on that experiance.

im just glad you didn't state a fact saying Halo is better then the other KZ and Resistance cause most facts are objective opinions.