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Cirio said:

That's exactly what the problem is. In America, everything is hidden from the public and what happens at the slaughterhouses is hidden too. The people who fight for these animal rights in other countries don't seem to care about what happens in their country. Why is that? Because the public is unaware, which is opposite of a country like China since it happens in the public. In slaughterhouses the methods of killing animals for food is so swift and full of issues, that many of animals (cows especially) are cut open and bled to death while still being alive (the people doing this don't realize this because their method of "knocking out" the animal fails many times with large mammals like cows). In the fur industry, wild animals are struck with an electric probe in their anus that "knocks" the animal out. Once again, those animals aren't dead most of the time while they are being skinned for fur and they are skinned alive (similarly in China, to prevent from damaging the fur.

Also, the American food industry is most notorious of forcing animals to grow much beyond what their bodies can handle. Force feeding chicken with corn many times a day (along with genetically raising them) causes their breasts to grow so fast that their bones and legs can't keep the animal up. The "white meat" you see advertised on TV comes from a chicken that didn't even know how to walk. Also, piglets are forced away from their mothers at only 5 weeks of age where they are still used to sucking on the mother for milk. Since the pigs still have the need to "suck", once they're older, they start "sucking" and biting on each other's tails, which leads to methods of cannibalism. To counter-act this, the industry takes the "cheaper" route and cuts off the pigs' tails without steralizing them or anything. Same with chickens; they literally saw off the beak to prevent the chickens from killing each other. And I stress that the American industry is most notorious for this because they are one of the strongest industries in the country (in some cases, they are so strong that they influence government decisions). But most of the public isn't aware of this. All of this happens behind "closed doors" with government and industrial support. While we are out there raising a finger at countries like China, our industry is killing, skinning and decapitating millions of ALIVE animals daily without our knowledge.

And I find it funny how one in America completely freaks out when something inhumane happens to a dog while they're eating bacon at the dinner table. Pigs are smarter animals than dogs and they have the capability to feel stress, depression and anxiety, moreso than dogs. Yet they aren't "cute", thus they aren't our beloved animals. If it's fine for us to tolerate the inhumane torture and killing of pigs to satisfy our hunger at the dinner table, then I think it is fine for the Chinese to do whatever they want with dogs to satisfy their hunger. And you're right, I didn't watch the video because I don't need to. I've researched this topic of animal cruelty in the US a million times over for numerous research essays. So please, "facepaw" yourself at the malresearched response you gave me.

damn good post, thats all i can say, just felt like i had to give you props

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