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I was absolutely shocked she was found not guilty:
I mean she lied to the her own family about the nanny and her universal studios job(which she was fired from 2 years ago...prior to her arrest)
didn't notify anybody about Calee's disappearance for 31 DAYS!!!
the first day of Calee's disappearance(or death, determined by decomposing) she went out clubbing/shopping/spending the whole day with her boy friend
lead the police on a wild goose chase saying her imaginary nanny kidnapped her.
decomposing smell in the her own car.
those emotionless calls from jail(cursed out her own mother)
she(or atleast the defense) claimed the both her father and brother sexually molested her.
on her computer the word chloroform(including how to make it) was searched 84 TIMES on google
let alone she didn't even testify.

how could the jury see/hear this and not atleast see she had something to with Calee's disappearance/death.
like one reporter said "we have a death of a child and no one's responsible?"