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Chroniczaaa said:
Lolz America's justice system is a piece of shit.

Why?  Would you rather we just locked up everybody accused of a crime?

We have the absolute best justice system. (though far from perfect)  We do not have the best laws or prison system - this is an important distinction.

And nobody should ever, ever, say the justice system is bad because somebody they think is guilty goes free.  "better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer"  This is the beauty of our justice system.

Plus, you don't know what went on in that courtroom, or that jury room.  You don't have any more evidence than the media showed you.  You have no right to form an opinion on this case - you weren't there!


It seems to me that this is a simple case of "Beyond a reasonable doubt."  While it seems likely that she is guilty, it is not certain.  Therefore, she should not be sent to prison.