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postofficebuddy said:
I'll just repost my comment from the Americas up thread.

Some of the things MS have said are just not adding up. They expect to be #1 this year, which would mean that they must expect to sell more than PS3's projected 15 million (unless Sony expect PS3 to sell noticeably more in Q1 2012 than Q1 2011). That would be a 1.5 million YOY increase. But the only way I can see that happening is if they had announced a price cut at E3. Looking at the future forecast they're going to lose all of their YOY gains in the next 5 weeks or so and from the European slim launch onward it's nothing but very difficult comparisons through the rest of the year. I'm not even sure if a $100 cut would be enough to put them 1.5 million in the positive, especially with the huge boost Kinect gave them last year.

Aside from that decent numbers for PS3 and Wii, only moderately down YOY. Although it's pretty clear Wii is going to fall very significantly behind last year overall. Handhelds are just pathetic across the board though. Heh, when was the last time a Japan only 360 game cracked the top 40? Monster Hunter Frontier?

Did MS expect to be #1 in the Americas or worldwide?