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naimisharanya said:
Jay520 said:
naimisharanya said:
AdventWolf said:
Bioshock Infinite, I hardly see topics about Bioshock. One of my favorite new IPs.

I don't know how the game that walked away with ''Game of E3'' award from most sites qualifies as under-hyped. Your not the only one to do this however, which kinda begs the question what the point of the thread is. I mean, the OP mentions Dark Souls which has tons of hype surrounding it.

EDIT: And...''One of my favorite new IPs.'' I guess under-hyped and new IP have radically different meanings in different parts of the world.

No, I meant under hyped on this site

Anyways, I see people with sigs like ''Dark Souls needs to be released tomorrow'', threads, trailers and articles. Don't really think you have a point.

I don't know why you said "people" since there is only one person with that signature.

And I've seen very few Dark Souls threads around here, and the ones I did see weren't very popular threads.

Either way, the hype should still be higher. The hype should be on the same level of games like Mass Effect, Skyrim, Uncharted etc.