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Or maybe they made it so "complex" so that anyone that had questions could be then made as a fool, idiot, etc...  It isn't like a thousand people were directly involved.   They could have been involved and not even known it.   I already gave instances like the Manhattan Project and tank development during WW1 where numerous people were involved that didn't have the slightest clue what they were actually helping make. 

Anyways, I would probably sit back and be able to take "what really happened" as the decent truth if it wasn't the fact of so many things.  How the hell does the WTC collapse within 1 hour and the other 2 hours.

The big difference with the Manhattan Project is they didn't drop the nuclear bomb on New York and then keep it a secret for a decade.

What is hard to understand?  The South tower was hit about 15 floors lower than the North tower.  That would put more than double the amount of floors above the damaged area.  You just need to know elementary school physics to realize that putting more weight on something will make it more likely to fail.  If the plane had hit at the 30th floor it would have fallen faster, if it had hit at the 105th floor, it might not have fallen at all.

I'm sticking with the engineers of the WTC.  They designed it to withstand an airline hit anywhere.  The way that it was built allowed it to take a blow and still be structurally safe.  There is no way both buildings that were designed to take a hit falling so quickly.  There are reports (from the firefighters that were on the floors where it was hit)  that the fire wasn't even that bad and was about to be contained when all of a sudden the tower went down.   Would you agree that most of the jet fuel burnt up outside the towers?  It looks obvious to me that most the fuel was burnt up outside the buildings. 

And the titanic was constructed not to sink...that one didn't work out as planned either.


Seriously, have you not heard of Thermite plasma? You take aluminum and rusty iron mix it together, add an ignition source, and boom, that stuff will burn through anything, it even melts through concrete to a degree, allthough with the heat from the jet fuel, and the thermite plasma, I'm sure the concret literally exploded. It's simple physics, the water that is left in the concrete boils and expands at impressive rates, which literally makes the concrete "explode" Then add to that, thermite plasma with burns through steel like a red hot knife through butter, and there is literally no way to put the stuff out (it even bruns under water) it does not surprise me that the buildings fell like they did.

Yes, thermite plasma taked precise amounts of both rusty steel, and aluminum...but I have a friend who worked at a machine shop, and he inadvertantly set a machine on fire because he was machining aluminum after steel was machined, and the machine wasn't cleaned out as well as it should have...and I saw the after effects of it...they couldn't put the fire out, so they put the chip pan out in the parking lot, where it proceeded to melt a huge hole in the pavement. So it does happen.

"with great power, comes great responsibility."