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Lets take a step back and look at some of the events that caused USA to go to war.  While looking at these examples would it be hard to assume that the USA government either helped 9/11 happen or allowed it to happen?  We've already had false flag/Black Flag attacks propel the USA into the Vietnam War.  We already blamed another country for destroying a naval vessel that probably sunk due to it's own ammunition igniting (USS Maine).    Could the USA citizens been duped again to go to war?

Spanish-American War - USS Maine (allegedly blown up but further investigation points that it was probably caused by an internal explosion)

WW1 - Lusitania - was carrying weapons along with passengers, Zimmerman note - do you really think Mexico would declare war against USA (even if they did they would have gotten their butts kicked just like in the Mexican-American War)

WW2 - Pearl Harbor (recently there has been information come to light that FDR and other officials knew of the attack yet allowed it to happen (luckily the carrier fleet was safe away from Pearl Harbor,  WW2 was probably the only recent war that USA should have fought)

Vietnam War - Gulf of Tonkin (was purely made up and was used to further escalate USA involvement)

Afghanistan War - 9/11, most of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia but heaven forbid the USA attack Saudi Arabia especially while Bush is president (Bush family ties to Saudi Arabia), put the most of the blame on the Taliban that were "harboring" Al Qaeda and sit in Afghanistan long past the time US troops are welcome

Operation Iraqi Freedom - misinformation even after knowing it was false Rumsfeld and Cheney continued spewing lies and misinformation, 9/11 connection?, war sold to USA public (after WMDs case fell apart) as promoting democracy in Middle East while they mainly wanted to privatize Iraq's oil fields


It just amazes me every time I watch footage of the towers falling and building #7 (that fell due only to structure fires which would make it the first skyscraper to ever do so, and not even examining the steel/immediately melting it down) that they look exactly like controlled demolitions.  The WTC buildings were designed to take jet liner impacts/possibly more than one impact.  How do these buildings both fall (North Tower - 102 minutes, South Tower - 56 minutes) so quickly?  If they were designed to take a jetliner/possibly multiple impacts shouldn't they have at least been able to stand for 10-20 hours at least?  When you think of a building falling they usually fall to the least resistance not collapsing onto themselves which you would see in controlled demolition.   You have footage showing that there was something attached under the planes that crashed into the towers.  You have eye witnesses saying it wasn't an American Airline plane (that it was bland and didn't have AA markings).  You have witnesses (fire fighters, reporters, etc..)  saying they heard explosions before the towers/building #7 collapsed.

Here is more insight on building #7 -  


The plane that crashed in Pennsylvania apparently was reported by a Cincinnati local news station to have landed in Cleveland due to bomb threat.


Then you have the Pentagon where the wreckage left behind was basically nothing.  Where are the engines?  Where are the broken off wings or tail?  Where are the bodies?  Where is any evidence an actual plane hit the building?  The footage the government released was a pure joke.  They had multiple cameras at the location yet they release one camera footage that you can't even see a plane.   It did nothing to prove and pretty much looked like a cruise missile.  How convenient that the plane hit a side the was still under construction.  How come most of the black boxes (supposedly almost indestructible) were destroyed  in 9/11 or damaged to the point the flight recorder information couldn't be recovered (Pentagon crash)?

Lets move to the "people" that supposedly flew the planes into the WTC buildings and the Pentagon.  Their flight trainers have stated that they could barely fly even a single prop plane.  How are they able to make maneuvers that the government stated the planes made without stalling out, crashing, etc.  Most expert pilots would agree that their inadequate training it would be impossible to pull off these maneuvers in a 757.

I believe the government had a part in 9/11 or at least let it happen to put us in a never ending war.  The war on terrorism has no end just like the war on drugs.  They did it to strip away the freedoms of the American public.  How many freedoms did al qaeda take from you? 0  How many freedoms did the US Government take away from you?  too many too count...  It is a shame that the government went to state sponsored terrorism or at least allow of it.  Their involvement could grasp the entire scope of the attack or they could have known about the attack and simply let it happen (aka Pearl Harbor).

Blueprint For Truth -  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b74naeawdCs (Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth, http://www.ae911truth.org )

I'd like someone that still believes the USA government was innocent to explain how the hell the towers fall so quickly, why did they look exactly like controlled demolition, why did tower #7 fall, where the hell is the plane wreckage at the Pentagon? 

While there are tons more arguments that cast serious doubt to the 9/11 official story I have only provided a few..  I am hoping that others bring up the other serious doubts.  Just scroll down and join the debate.  If we can keep the debate civil that would be great.