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disolitude said:
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I'm not sure if this technology is possible without ghosting. The TV looked great in normal 3D mode. 

Ghosting is cause by pixel response time latency, and it not being able to keep up with the shuttering of the glasses.  DLP based displays response time is around 16 micro seconds. Most really good 3D LCDs are at 2 mili seconds.

16 micro seconds = 0.016 milli seconds...so about 100 times faster than LCDs.

If one tech can do this ghosting-free, its DLP.

You're going to have a hard time convincing people to switch back to DLCs as a main TV tech though. It sells a small fraction of LCD and LED, and even less than plasma, due to their enormous size and awful viewing angles.

I know that DLP TVs are dead, despite the last gen LED and laser based ones being rediculously good and completely destroying LCD based TVs for the time. I think you still have the images of the old school DLPs in your mind. They are not that big anymore, and the viewing angle is quite respectable on latest models. But I agree, that ship has sank...

Projectors however are a different story. DLP is killing the LCD projector as I am writing this... Projector big screen 3D gaming is where its at. :)

I've never used a projector. I figured the picture would be a bit washed and less sharp than watching it on an actual screen.