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lightbleeder said:
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lightbleeder said:

Maybe a screen divided by 4 on on side and another one from the other side. Although 4 splitscreen on a 24 inch HDTV wouldn't be good, and the PS3 doesn't support 8 controllers.

I've always asked myself if the PS3 could use 7 bluetooth controllers and one USB controller, anyone knows?

I'm sorry, but what?

I think you need to include some more information in the OP because I have no idea what you're even talking about..

The new Playstation TV has a mode where on player sees an image from one angle and another player sees another image from the opposite angle, all on the same screen. If four players play on one side of the screen and other four players play on the opposite side, with 4-splitscreen on each side, then in theory those 8 players could play on the same time at the same screen. Did I explain myself better?

What do you mean by "side"? You do mean left and right, correct? This is not a double sided TV as far as I have been able to find.  Check my edited post, btw, as I don't think this TV nor the PS3 itself has the capability to support 8 distinct images at once.

EDIT: To go into further detail, you would have to have players strategically located at 8 different angles from the TV in order to see the correct images, not just one on each side.  That is even if the tech allowed for it, which it clearly specifies that it only supports 2 players.