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Wii will lose a little market share this year. NTDOY still has not demonstrated willingness to increase production. Limiting its growth potential.

PS3 will gain marketshare because it IS the most future-proof BluRay player on the market. Few dedicated players will get the firmware refreshes required for profile 2.0 and further. PS3 will and it's doubtful that any BD player that's price competitive with PS3 will. With BD effectively winning the HD gen of video players, PS3 stands most to gain from this. The only limiting factor to this will be marketing.

360 will get the most 3rd party AAA titles again. Even if it won't be 360 exclusive, but it will be first developed for 360 with the top talent. PS3 will be 2nd tier. This is the way that the resources were aligned in 2007. 2008 will bear fruit to the effort reallocation. Of course, 1st party studios will still develop exclusives for their respective consoles. Viral nature of XBL Achievements will continue to grow the game sales. Tho console sales will lag comparatively

Wii will continue to get shovelware. Few gems will still come from NTDOY, but virtually all 3rd parties will still treat Wii as an afterthought. Hopefully, an original third party game will shine (saleswise) in 2008, bringing 3rd party notice to Wii potential but will be too late to capitalize in 2008