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Funny, Since noone has ever died from marijuanna right, or ever been hurt by it. Also when you snitched out the kid, that was the weakest thing I've ever read on this site.

NOBODY? I know for a fact that's false. There are very few things that can truely say that nobody has died from them. Even water has caused a fair number of deaths, despite our bodies being a majority water. In fact, not too long ago, there was a fatal car accident in this area where it was found that the at-fault driver was high. If he were drunk, it would be blamed on alcohol, so I see no reason to not say this was the fault of marijuana.

As for the second part, I don't care if you think it was weak. Because of what I do, I did what I was legally required to do. As I said in a prior post, I will not risk becoming an accessory to their illegal action. Perhaps if it was your life or job on the line, you'd think differently about it- after all, mine was.

When he said that no one has ever died from marijuana, I think he was talking about the fact that you can't really OD from it. It's quite stupid to blame marijuana if a guy has an accident while drunk, same way as it's stupid to blame alcohol if someone's drunk while driving. It's the person who broke the law's (driving under the influence) fault.

Ummm, yes you can.

It is not known what the lethal level of THC is that will kill a person. The human body is incapable of taking in enough for this to happen, I might look it upo again if I am ever feeling like it.

That's not what I'm saying.  I'm saying you can OD on it. ODing does not necesarily mean lethal amounts.

If your talking about anxity attacks fine I agree 100%, but it is usually called a bad trip not an overdose. The scientific definition of an overdose means death.


Marijuana Overdose

The Drug Awareness Warning Network Annual Report, published by the US federal government contains a statistical compilation of all drug deaths which occur in the United States. According to this report, there has never been a death recorded from the use of marijuana by natural causes. Unlike opiates, barbiturates or amphetamines, there seems to be little risk from the use of large amounts of marijuana. When a person smokes too much they feel very tired and lie down. When people swallow large amounts of hashish, occasionally they get sick to their stomach.