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superchunk said:
wow... talk about completely misrepresenting what was said.

I encourage any of you to watch Ubisoft's actual presentation and Q&A.

This article is putting a huge slant on what was said and not even quoting the actual questions.

If you watch just the Q&A you can see that what is presented here is false. Ubisoft was completely dodging any questions that could pin the hardware obviously because they were under scrutiny by Nintendo and the fact that WiiU is not 100% final.

However, they also said that what they've done so far was on par with PS360 even if was not refined simply because they have not optimized the code for the new console. Pointing out that it will be much better as they get past the learning curve.

I can't believe how much Nintendo hate exists among the core media.... I can't wait until ported games look noticeably better and then a game like Zelda or Metroid (which would both be amazing in realistic HD visuals) completely stops anything from any other dev.

Even if the journalist was being fair (I have not doubt he wasn't) there is nothing saying that Sony or Microsoft will be able to produce a system that some people would define as "Next Generation" for quite some time ...

Crysis 2 at its highest detail settings running at 1080p is a very impressive game and is far beyond what the HD consoles can do technically, but when you look at the HD console versions of the same game the graphical leap is far smaller than the leap from the PS2 to the PS3; which itself was a much smaller difference than the leap from the Playstation to the PS2.

To get the visual jump that many people associate with a generational jump Sony and Microsoft may need hardware that doesn't exist and may not be available for several years.