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voty2000 said:
disolitude said:
superchunk said:
Looks like CynanogenMOD 7 (an android 2.3 mod) can be put on three tablets.

Advent Vega
Viewsonic G-Tablet
B&N Nook Color

Its easy to root/mod, so this would be my choice.

Thanks for that info.

Yeah Im eyeballing the viewsonic... Its for a trip to mexico, I heard there is free wifi at resort lol. I really don't see myself using it much afterwards so I am not looking to maximize the potential...but it will be cool to start playing with hacks and custom formware if I ever come around to it.

Surprisingly the Nook Color works fairly well.   You don't have to jailbreak the Nook just flash an SD card with Nook Froyo 0.6.8 and your done.  Keeps the Nook under warranty but it's Android 2.2 I believe. 

It works well for what I use it for, web surfing and e-mail.

Very interesting... Never considered one of these as they are not officially sold in Canada. Once can find them on Kijiji and craigslist for 250-300 bucks new/barely used.

I am reading about this SD card root mod to make it run 2.3, but apparently it can also run Honeycomb?