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Vetteman94 said:
So because Nintendo is going after the "hardcore", and Microsoft is going after the "casual" they are going in the right direction. But Sony who is trying to do both isn't? And the main reason why is you don't think they can be effective at it?

Its funny now that Nintendo is going after the "hardcore", they are going in the right direction and not the wrong direction like Sony and Microsoft were when they launched.

And exclusives do make a huge difference, what would Nintendo be without Mario or the Wii lineup? Where would Microsoft be without Halo or Gears of War. Where would Sony be without Uncharted and Gran Turismo? So to say that exclusives are overrated is ignorant.

Back when the Wii was released, none of us thought that it was to be a CASUAL system since that fucking word wasnt being used until SHORTLY AFTER. I do not remember hearing that BULLSHIT of a word outside of PORN. The Wii line up in the beginning looked like it was getting core support, with a few party games and such put into the fray. Then suddenly, after knowing that a lot of third party bullshit that they put on the Wii flopped, there were no longer enough core games being made on a yearly basis. The direction they took was more of a less powered system compared to the competition to reduce dev costs which was supposedly a reason for third partys to go to their system. Oh and lets not forget about the horrible image nintendo had since the N64 toward third parties.

I'm glad that Nintendo is going in the "core" direction with decent to amazing third party games coming to the system, with a handful of party esque games. The question is, will Nintendo's image change when people see what they have to offer? I'm expecting more new third party games that cannot be done on the ps3 and 360 by the end of this year to be announced. But of course, It's nintendo so they might get screwed over again.