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RolStoppable said:
Soriku said:

The 3DS is getting that 3D Mario game this year and we don't know what the Cafe's lineup but to think there won't be a SMB (maybe not exactly at launch but who knows, Cafe's still a year out) is ridiculous. Not sure what you're getting at.

Oh wow, that 3D Mario game. How exciting.

It's about priorities. It's insane that Nintendo plans to release 3D Mario before a Super Mario Bros. game. They are idiots.

For that reason I am doubtful that the launch lineup for N6 will include a really big game from Nintendo. They are probably trying to sell it on "Oh, look. Now we've got a touchscreen on our controller".

??? A 3D Mario is a big deal. Just because it's not 2D means that Nintendo is focusing more on the gimmick? What.

There's also Mario Kart 3DS. And besides that there's OoT.