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Resident_Hazard said:

 Cthulhu forbid they make something other than Mario for once.  They have RPG's and adventure games in their past.  Like Star Tropics and Mother/Earthbound.  Do they really need to fill that genre with more Mario stuff?  Seriously.

(this is an analogy, by the way--I don't really expect Nintendo to make a system called Playstation. I know, it should be obvious, but I'm sure you know how people on the internet are).  

I'm pessimistic on Project Cafe right now, but I'm still a Nintendo fan and eager as hell for E3.  

Did you mean Splortchu forbid? Yeah I know what you mean about the misunderstanding thing.

I made a post on the Mario reuse thing (in the 2nd paragraph), I think it explains how Nintendo's made good use of its IPs, but I do agree that in other areas Nintendo just slaps Mario onto things, and that is a fact. But it's not the whole picture either, which is a problem when that's all one sees. It's not the full picture, so seeing only that is not real. It's defintely non-deniable, but its not the Cthulhu, if you know what I mean.

As for eager, light up your lighter my collecting friend, and wave your arms cause E3 is comin' faster than you can count! :D

EDIT: Oh, I wanted to say, I agree with not liking some of the recent Nintendo stuff (I'm talking 1st party), I prefer their older work, but do enjoy some of the newer stuff too, like Metroid Prime and Wind Waker, and TP was good, I'm also was huge SSB Melee fan. Trace Memory looks good, and so does Endless Ocean. But yeah they have some nice new ideas too, but not really my thing most of the time. Anyway, I'm finding it hard to play that many games, and I buy most second hand, so Nintendo platforms are still a good choice at the moment. I'll probably get Cafe, cause I see lots of potential, but I wouldn't go without a Playstation 3 if I could afford more consoles right now. Funny trend for me, I have a PS2 and a 3DS, and soon I'll have a Cafe and a PS3 :), and maybe an NGP, we'll see. (Not calling it Pita just yet)