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Dude, what? The only thing I can possibly muster for a conclusion/point of the OP, is that you're saying because a lot of teens have HD systems and are loyal to those brands, that no one will get the next Nintendo system. If this is the case, then lets think about this for a second - what if the next Zelda/Mario/Metroid game is amazing on the new Nintendo console, and you must have this game. Now factor in all the CoD or whatever games that everyone plays on the current HD systems. But now those games are coming out for the new Nintendo system, because the devs can make the same games on this system. So now you can have ONE console that plays all your CoD games PLUS all the Nintendo exclusives.

I think that via this concept, the other companies are in hot water in the next gen, as they've not really done a stellar job at creating unique, exclusive IPs for their brand.

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