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babuks said:

If Microsoft can charge for online gaming, what is the wrong if Activision wants to do the same?

That's different, Xbox Live is an entire service that includes hundreds of games and gives you access to features and offers you otherwise wouldn't if you didnt pay (such as half price XBLA games and the like), make what you will of it's value I don't mind. Whilst on the other hand this would be for just one game or, maybe if you're lucky, the CoD series in general and if it is priced at anything more than £2.50 or $5 a month then it will be more expensive than xbox live too.


What I can see this doing is making the basic 'disc' version of the game more like a multiplayer demo where you get access to say 3 or 4 maps and limited modes and options etc... and then this 'Elite' service will give you access to the remainder of the maps, that conveniently didn't make the disc version. I don't even see this giving you the 'big' map packs for free either, maybe just half price or something.