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That's when it's time to become a developer :) To make the games we would like people to enjoy. I'm kind of joking, but really that's why I started the "What would your ultimate Zelda game look like" thread. There are lots of things some of us really want to see in games that we're not getting at the moment. I just played through most of FFIV and played SSIV competitively lately, and I found the FFIV ds remake to be exactly what I wanted in the remake, i.e. an improved script and nicely improved (not overly improved) visuals, and tougher battles. So I've been really enjoying myself lately. I didn't get the same luck in the past I find. My trick lately has been to find a few games you're almost sure to love, and buy them second hand if possible, because they really aren't worth much more than 15 to 20$ honestly, not even the best ones, and to stick to one until it's finished, and push even beyond the boring parts. My expectations have also lowered in the past year, so it helps me enjoy the game as it is, and accept its flaws. That's me lately.